How to Work

I kings 2.3 commands do the job the Lord your God has assigned you following His instructions and obeying His rules.images

After God created man from the dust He then created a garden for the man to work where He also created a helper suitable for the man to work with him: woman.

Since the beginning, humanity has been created to work both to provide for themselves and now to bring order to the world which, like all humanity, has a propensity toward chaos because it is not in proper submission to God.

The driving question for young people is, ‘what will I do when I grow up.’ Career satisfaction or working through career dissatisfaction, consumes adults.

We all want purpose and meaning to our lives and we look to our work to provide these things.

But work in itself cannot give us fulfillment for while we were created to work we were created for God and to glorify Him. Work is a means to our ends which is the glory of God on earth.

By our work we are to bring honor and glory to God: we do this by being excellent with our effort and just in our ends.

When we work we are first to keep in mind the ways and will of God. Work only becomes corrupt when we use it too our own ends and advantage.

Work is noble in and of itself but to remain so people must work nobly which means working in a way that first and foremost remembers God and His commands.

We are first and foremost answerable to God for how we live our lives therefore we must first and foremost make obedience to God and serving Him our primary concern while we do those things God has given us to do for providing for ourselves.

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Rescued by God

Galatians 1.4 promises Jesus will rescue us from this present evil age. What is it we need rescuing from? images

What is the evil that Jesus saves people from?

This age ignores God. This age teaches our children in its public educational institutions that there is no God.

Ignoring God and disregarding his commands is evil, for God made all of humanity to know Him, to love Him and to serve Him.

It is evil in the eyes of God to not pursue peace with God and live to do His will in the world.

When we compare ourselves with the thinking and acting of everyone else around us we deceive ourselves into thinking we are essentially good people who have no need of a rescue.

When we compare ourselves to the commands of God and the life of His Son Jesus we find ourselves in desperate need of mercy and grace.

Jesus alone can rescue us from both the penalty of our disobedience and its power to continue controlling our behavior.

Jesus alone equips His freed prisoners with everything they need to begin living lives pleasing to God just as He lived when He walked among us 2000 years ago.

Those who really love Jesus no longer have to live like those who ignore and disobey God. As we pursue Jesus He teaches us how to live so that we begin to experience freedom from the shame and guilt of disobedience to God.

We need rescued and only Jesus is able to deliver us in this age and in the age to come.

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What would Jesus do?

2 Corinthians 13.5 asks if you recognize within yourself that Christ is in you?images

The Apostle John commanded that those who claim to be Christians must live as Jesus did.

A few years ago it was popular to ask, ‘what would Jesus do?’ We even went so far as to wear bracelets with WWJD upon them for reminding ourselves of the question. What was the result of such a program? Large sales of bracelets!

What did Jesus do and how do we know if we are living like Him?

First Jesus said He only did what His Father commanded. The most basic Jesus similarity is obedience to God. If we are like Jesus we will wholeheartedly obey God without compromise.

Second, Jesus spent time with God in prayer for fellowship and direction. If we are to live like Jesus we must know Jesus and this will take spending concentrated time in Bible reading and prayer on a daily basis for knowing then applying what God would have us do for the day.

Third, Jesus lived as a servant placing the needs of humanity above His own. If we are to look like Jesus we will serve people daily, looking for all means possible to help people experience the love of God.

Finally, Jesus came to reconcile the world to God through Himself. If we are like Jesus then we will proclaim Jesus to everyone seeking to draw everyone to God.

What would Jesus do? He would live a life pleasing to God while working to reconcile people to God.

How much do our lives resemble His?

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Declaring the Greatness of God

Psalm 96.10 commands we speak to the nations the Lord reigns.herald

The Bible declares there is only one God, one Lord, one Creator and Ruler of all that is and was and ever will be.

Every religion cannot be correct for each of them promotes their god as the one god other than the Hindus whose religion promotes numerous gods but even within that there is a hierarchy.

Yet the Christian God Who has recorded His will and ways in the Bible declares all these other gods are worthless for He alone is God and there is no other.

This God commands His people to make Him known by both word and deed. By living according to His commands His people would prove to the world the wisdom of His ways and make obvious to the world the inferiority of their gods.

No other religion but the Christian religion declares the value of women equal to that of men.

No other religion other than the Christian religion declares the value of children as the model for entrance into heaven.

No other religion other than the Christian religion records God’s living among people as a human so that He could take their place as a criminal condemned for all the evil things all people have done since the founding of the world.

No other religion but the Christian religion invites all people regardless of race, sex, wealth or intelligence into its fold not by performance but by humble faith in God because He pardons all those who earnestly seek Him through Jesus the Savior.

There truly is only one God; He reigns over all, He is truly great and He is to be declared by His people among the nations.

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Are you in the Gap?

Ezekiel 22.30 observes that God looked for a man who would repair the wall and stand in the gap. images

God explained to His prophet Ezekiel the many charges He had against His people, particularly His leaders in Jerusalem, which was the cause for His punishment by destruction of that city.

Yet God was willing to forgo His wrath if He could find even a few people who sought Him earnestly, who worked for Him diligently and who prayed continuously for the restoration of Israel: but God found no such people.

The sins of America are numerous: divorce, pornography, murder, stealing, lying, greed, all abound.

Who are the people seeking God, working to disciple the Church and praying in intercession for this land?

America is struggling within, its moral character is weak, the Church is its only hope but it must stand with God and not men.

The Church must call the nation to repentance beginning with its own people who are likewise mired in the sins of the world. The Church must discipline then disciple its own before it begins calling the rest of the nation to repentance.

God always looks for a way to demonstrate mercy to His people and this way comes through His people who love God by living in obedience to His commands and interceding for the people around them.

Who today are those Church members striving for obedience, urging their fellow believers to surrender fully to the Lordship of Jesus and praying earnestly for God’s mercy upon this land?

Every Christian has an opportunity to love God through personal service, to know God through prayer and the Scriptures but who is doing such things?

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Reconciling with God

2 Samuel 14:14 reveals God does not take away life; instead he devises ways for the banished to be restored.

Certainly everyone dies in this world but no one dies in the worlds to come. images

Some live forever with God on the new earth enjoying Him, their family and friends for all eternity in comfort, peace and joy. Others will forever in torment paying eternally for their arrogance and refusal to recognize and follow Jesus as King of kings and Lord of lords.

It is the desire of the heavenly Father for all people everywhere to reconcile with Him through humble surrender.

The means for reconciliation has been provided in Jesus the Christ but people must choose for themselves which life they will have forever.

God has removed men from the earth; He destroyed the world and everyone on it except one family in the days of Noah. God always devises a plan for restoration. God removed the inhabitants of the Promised Land so that His chosen people could dwell there. But He waited 400 years until the stench of their sin became unreconcilable to His holiness. God devised a way for them to be restored.

God sees all people as His children but all of His children must see Him as their Father if they are to live with Him in His coming Kingdom.

God has proven His love and commitment to humanity by sacrificing His Son so we could receive His pardon and thus be restored.

Will we prove our love for God by surrendering our pride and then obey Him as Lord in Jesus the Savior demonstrating our restoration?

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Vanity Denied

2 Corinthians 6.1 urges we not receive the grace of God in vain. God in His grace saves some people from His condemnation to come.images

God will judge all men for the deeds, words and thoughts they have done and not done according to His will and commands.

The children of God will receive their reward for their actions in accordance to their faithfulness while those who rejected God in Jesus will be condemned by God to suffer torment forever.

Those who claim to be children of God, who have received God’s grace through Jesus the Christ, must demonstrate God’s salvation through their lives by good works.

If the work of God has truly occurred within the heart and mind of a person that person will now demonstrate that work to others. This work will consist of service, generosity and diligence to encourage all people everywhere to repent and obey Jesus Who is God made human.

Christians who do little or nothing for God have received the grace of God in vain.

The Christian is the person who no longer lives for themselves and their agenda but has surrendered their lives to the will and glory of God.

True Christians live as Jesus did, seeking first the will of God and giving themselves fully to obeying His will.

The will of God is for all people to be reconciled to Him through Jesus the Savior. The children of God work with all their strength to see as many people reconciled to God as possible.

This work of reconciliation takes our time, talent and treasure all of which must be given to God for His service if the grace of God within us is not to be received in vain.

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Is God filling you?

Psalm 81.10 laments that if we would open our mouths God would fill them. images

The Lord longs to bless His people with Himself. We however long for lesser things.

Had Israel obeyed the Lord they would have enjoyed long-life, the best return from their labor and the health of their families. This is all we really want anyway.

Rather than receiving these things as a result of an obedient-love relationship with God we pursue them through our own selfish means only to never obtain satisfaction from them or their pursuit.

We abuse our bodies through various poisons, stress and improper diet so that our health is always an issue. Work is a burden as we strive to achieve so that we can obtain the goal of success, wealth and prominence. Our families are often fractured as a result of our selfish pursuits and pleasures so that divorce is rampant and children are ignored more than instructed to walk with God.

If we would find our lives we must lose them Jesus promised.

It takes faith to believe God is good and that His ways are best and that He is committed to us when we are committed to Him.

We pursue everything but God when God is all we really need.

If we would love Him first and most we would find that nothing else is worth giving our lives to. God is love, He has demonstrated His love to us through Jesus’ life, death and resurrection and He continues to shower us with His mercy, kindness and compassion daily.

The world needs a Savior, it is broken because people love themselves more than God and we refuse to humble ourselves and obey Him wholeheartedly.

The few who really do seek God and love Him find He really does fill them with everything they have ever wanted.

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Whose Image are we Bearing?

1 Corinthians 15.49 commands we bear the image of the Man of heaven.

Just as we are born in theimages image of Adam so those born again of God are to bear the image of Jesus.

It is natural for us to look like Adam as people beget people but so too it should be as natural for the Christian, as the supernatural exists within them, to look like Jesus. Those who have been born of the Spirit should naturally bear the fruit or evidence of the Spirit.

Those who have been born from above should naturally reflect the thinking and behaving that comes from above. There is too little evidence within the Church today that its members are sons and daughters of God.

The Man Who comes from heaven showed us how to live on earth.

The Man from heaven rejected the trappings of wealth and power on earth but sought instead treasure in heaven where His position is truly recognized. Certainly the Man from heaven demonstrated His power on earth but He lived as a humble servant committed to doing not His own will but the will of His Father Who also is in heaven.

So too those born of the Spirit will seek the treasure of heaven while working for the welfare of humanity whose greatest need is their personal reconciliation with God.

If we would bear the image of Jesus, the Man from heaven, we must know Him deeply. This knowledge comes from seeking Him diligently through the Scriptures and prayer then obeying Him passionately in everything we do and say.

As we increase in our obedience so too His image will become increasingly easier for others to see which is the desire of our heavenly Father Who desires all people to become transformed into the image of His First Born Son Jesus the Lord.


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What it really means to be a Christian

Ezekiel 14.6 commands repent! Abandon your idols and turn away from your abominable practices.

This is what turning to the Lord Jesus as Savior really looks like: repentance, abandonment, stopping.

Unfortunately when most of the Church invites people to reconcile their lives with God it is an invitation to believe in Him and for Him to enter their lives in order to make them better.

We market God as the Fixer of our problems, the Healer of our wounds, and the Provider of our needs. God is indeed all of these things but He does not exist for us, we exist for Him. The devil believes but he remains self-centered and thus unreconciled to God.

If we would be truly reconciled to God we must approach Jesus first in an attitude of repentance. This means confessing to God how wrong we have been to disobey Him and commit to Him forevermore, with His help, to obey His commands.

Second, it means abandoning everything we lived for before we asked Jesus to Lord over our lives. The primary idol all of us have is self. We demand from God and the world our comfort, our way and our preference. This idol must be put to death in order to follow Jesus that He might be obeyed by placing His will and His ways above all others including our own.

Finally, we are to stop doing that which displeases God. Jesus was punished for all of our disobedience but those who are truly reconciled to God seek to cease from those activities for which Jesus was crucified.

We cannot choose God and continue to choose our sinful lifestyle.

Being reconciled to God is choosing to die to self and to follow Jesus by obeying His commands.


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