Contact Me To Speak at Your Event

I understand the challenge of finding an encouraging speaker who articulates your message well to your audience.

In my role as Executive Director for INCH, the Michigan Home Educators Association, I am responsible for an annual conference with more than fifty speakers.

In addition, as the Director for CBMC Central Michigan, I am responsible for obtaining speakers quarterly who can deliver inspiring and motivating messages to business and professional men.

I realize that success of any event comes down to the quality of the speakers. If they inspire, encourage, and stay true to the core values of the organization then the event goes well. But if they don’t, well…..hopefully next time.

Thank you for considering me for your next speaking engagement. I am honored. You can expect me to:

  1. reply quickly to your speaking request
  2. work with you to determine your core ‘message’ so that I stay in line with your objectives
  3. prepare thoroughly so that your people are inspired, encouraged and motivated to take positive action
  4. be thoroughly Biblical
  5. announce your event in my blog and through my social mediums of facebook and twitter

Why Me?

I have been speaking to audiences for more than 20 years. I have delivered sermons as an associate pastor, corporate training sessions as an executive coach, and numerous workshops, small groups and men’s outings as the knowGodcoach.

Most of my work career has involved some type of public speaking. I have worked as an associate pastor, insurance trainer, executive coach and spiritual coach.

I have written extensively in my blog about the application of the Bible to our daily living and have had the privilege of teaching many of these topics to numerous men.

I am the father of ten children whose mother has been my wife for more than 25 years. My gift is teaching and that is my passion though I also enjoy reading, hunting, fishing and spending time with my family.

My Best Topics

Know God: Who He is, how to know Him, how to walk with Him and how to please Him. I demonstrate the character, nature, ways and will of God through numerous books of the Bible.





Family: marriage, fathering. Marriage is hard work, more than half quit. God invented marriage and is deeply committed to the institution, using God’s word I help couples understand His purpose and pleasure for marriage. Since Adam, men have been too passive, using the Bible as our guide I encourage men to engage and disciple their children.




Men: being God’s man at home, work and church. God came to humanity as a man, He created man first, God loves men, and in these sessions I help men understand how to apply Biblical truth to every realm of their life so that they can better reflect God’s desire for men to be godly.


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